Final Tryouts On Thurs, Fri & Mon @ PCTI

Date Posted: 5/15/2012

Tryouts will continue on Thursday for U10, U13 & U14 teams. Friday tryouts will be for U8 & U9 teams and Monday for U11 & U12 teams. Tryouts are open to ALL dedicated players looking to play on elite level teams. Teams will have 2 trainers and a goalkeeper trainer. All players must pre-register. Click below for more information and a detailed tryout schedule for all teams.

More Info

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•  Spring League (April-June)
•  Summer League (June-Aug)
•  Soccer Camps (July-Aug)
•  Fall 6 v 6 (Sept-Nov)
•  Winter Training (Dec-March)
•  State Cup Teams Advance To Sweet 16!
•  Soccer Camps - Registration Open
•  NASA Summer League - Registration Open
•  Spring League Starts This Saturday, 4/5!
•  NASA Spring League - Registration Open
4/17 Travel Team Practices
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